As lighting designers, our goal is to design user-friendly and long-lasting lighting designs that ensure the optimal lighting environment for people.

A lighting project from start to finish can include:

    • Design scope, ideation and concept development
    • Sketching and design
    • Advice on legal requirements
    • Light calculations and measurements
    • Luminaire plan and location
    • Product advice and delivery
    • Programming and management plan


LIGHTPLANNER offers technical advice in a wide range of lighting tasks and are specialists in the following areas:

    • Lighting control
    • Lighting and legal requirements
    • Complex installations
    • Energy saving
    • Work environment and well-being


LIGHTPLANNER offers lighting programming that ensures a dynamic lighting solution, adapted to your requirements and needs. Including a user-friendly programming of light scenarios, so that the user has a say in the switch between the light's various functions and options.

We offer programming in the following systems and areas:

    • Lighting control
    • Sensor-controlled light
    • Daylight regulation
    • Dynamic lighting adapted to the functions of the room
    • Dynamic light with a focus on energy and well-being
    • Wireless lighting solutions


LIGHTPLANNER offers specially designed solutions; from the integration of light in the architecture itself, to smaller productions of specially designed luminaires.

We have extensive experience with the implementation of modern lighting in listed buildings. Here, a special design can ensure that the light can be installed with respect for the framework worthy of preservation.

Considering new lighting?

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