LIGHTPLANNNER is a lighting design company that assists lighting projects from start to finish. We handle all aspects within technical consulting, lighting design, product sales, project management and programming of lights.

We are a team of specialists originating in Copenhagen and offer our services to companies all over Denmark. We work closely with clients, architects and companies in an giving process of co-creation.


In dialogue with our customers, we create the optimal balance between light, space and function with the result that we establish the best conditions for well-being, concentration, focus, productivity and efficiency of the individual employee.

In natural extension of the significant gains created through a good working environment, all our solutions are energy efficient.


With our many competencies within lighting design, we can advise on wide range of solutions and implement the optimal potential of the lighting. The goal is always to create uncompromising lighting designs with an overall focus on design, programming and technical installation.

Team spirit is important for CEO and founder of LIGHTPLANNER Casper Brandis. With a past as a professional ice hockey player, he knows that you can achieve much more by lifting in groups. Alongside his ice hockey career, he trained as an electrician, and during that period he discovered a passion for light. An interest that quickly reached beyond the technical installations themselves because he was fascinated by how important light is to our surroundings.

Light sets the mood and it is the balance between light and shadow that makes the qualities and materials of the rooms stand out. For us, good lighting design is about creating a balance between light and architecture, but most importantly about creating spaces that are nice to live in. In short, we are passionate about creating the optimal lighting environment for people.

Casper Brandis


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Anton Flyvholm

Lighting Designer


Rasmus Bang-Kargo

Project Manager & Lighting Control


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