København K


2020 - 2021


LIGHTPLANNER has designed lighting for the historic buildings Havnegade 21-27, which have now been converted into modern offices. The four buildings worthy of preservation represent four different eras in Danish architectural history, whose expression ranges widely from a staircase decorated by Poul Gernes, to more classic details such as ornamented stucco ceilings and original wooden beams.

In the lighting design, there has been a focus on highlighting the individual building's original details and qualities, while creating a coherent design across the buildings. This connection is supported by a single, wireless lighting control system - Encelium - which makes it possible to change and develop the building's lighting on an ongoing basis, so that it fits exactly to the use and needs of the rooms.

“Lightplanner er en stabil samarbejdspartner, der altid er garant for god kvalitet. Når Lightplanner er involveret i vores projekter oplever vi et løsningsorienteret samarbejde og er sikret velfungerende løsninger, som vores kunder udtrykker stor begejstring for.”




The lighting design is a modern office lighting has been created to accompaniment the historical surroundings. The lighting is adapted to the individual rooms’ unique details and the lighting highlights the architecture without compromising the functional needs. The design contains several special solutions, where suspended fixtures are specially designed to ensure the best implementation in the historic buildings. 


The lighting is controlled by the network-based system Encelium, which ensures overall control of the light, while at the same time provides the opportunity to adjust the lighting functions continuously as needed.

The light is programmed according to a number of standards that ensure optimal office lighting, by balancing the direct and indirect lighting of the rooms in relation to each other.

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