LIGHTPLANNER has created the lighting design for 5 of KB Hallen's indoor courts. The hall wanted an energy optimization of their existing solution and a lighting design that could meet the lighting requirements for class II, approved for regional and local tournaments. 

The new modern LED lighting halves the arenas annual electricity consumption and we have further programmed the light in relation to the track booking, so that the light is not unnecessarily switched on above unoccupied courts. This ensures both a sustainable electricity consumption for the hall and at the same time extends the life of the luminaires.


The course and location of the luminaires are inspired by the hall's organic architecture. To avoid glare from the players, the lighting is placed along the courts. Each luminaire is angled 15 degrees towards the track, to ensure an even distribution of light throughout the track.


LIGHTPLANNER has been responsible for technical advice on luminaire selection and lighting requirements, as well as energy calculations of energy savings with the new LED solution. 


The light intensity is adjusted in relation to the curved shape of the hall, so the intensity is 100% in the middle of the hall and decreases in percentage as the ceiling height becomes lower. This ensures a uniform brightness throughout the course.

Furthermore, the lighting is programmed to align with the course booking, so that there is only light on the courses in use. 

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