København K


2019 - 2020


On Torvehallernes forecourt, LIGHTPLANNER has designed and programmed light projections that create a cozy atmosphere on the forecourt after dark. In the lighting design, there has been a focus on the balance in the transition between the urban space's general street lighting and the indoor lighting that flows from Torvehallerne's large glass facades. 

The light projections create light zones around the square and benches, which makes the square an asset for Torvehallerne even after dark. 


In the design, work has been done with "invisible light sources" that do not fill the space, so only the light itself is in focus. The luminaires are placed on a lamppost, so you only experience the light projection on the square itself. The patterned light projections are inspired by shadow drawings from the square trees and created from a drawing of fruits and vegetables, as a reference to the goods sold on Torvehallerne's forecourt. The light has a warm glow that is kept at a low level so that the place does not seem over lit, but instead appears cozy and atmospheric after dark.

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