Lighting in the home is of great importance for both interior design and the atmosphere of the home. At LIGHTPLANNER, we wanted to create the optimal lighting in the home, by focusing on making function, coziness and personal style to all come together. 

For a private home in Frederiksberg, LIGHTPLANNER has created a light design that connects the lighting with the rest of the home's interior, while at the same time creating a good light that supports the use and functions of the rooms.


In the light design, we have focused on the connection between the light source's design, the lighting itself and the function the light is intended for. At LIGHTPLANNER, we have extensive knowledge of which lighting products are on the market and advise on both design, technical installations and control of the light. For this home, there has been a focus on the balance between direct directed and indirect lighting, to create a good basic lighting in the rooms. The direct light is located above the kitchen table eating and where it is needed a higher level of illumination than in the rest of the room, while the indirect lighting is used as atmosphere-forming element of the device.    


The light above the kitchen table can be dimmed to warm locally directly on the lamp itself, which expands the possibilities for the use of the kitchen. This creates the option for a good working environment at the kitchen table, but also dimmed lighting that creates a cozy atmosphere throughout the kitchen. The programming of light, has a focus on creating a user-friendly solution that makes it easy to adapt the light to a specific mood. 

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